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Davidoff • Concrete Ashtray

Davidoff • Concrete Ashtray

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The Davidoff Concrete Ashtray is made of ultra-high performance concrete tinted with natural pigments and oxides. Reinforced with glass fibres, the cigar accessory's uniqueness lies in its high density. The glossy surface is not only elegant, but also water and dirt resistant.

The ashtray is available in three colours in either small or large. The small ashtray comes with a shiny metal frame in rose gold with two notches to rest cigars on. The frame is protected from heat, moisture and oxidation, ensuring a long lifecycle for the presentable interior item.

Dimensions Ø 151mm – 35 mm (high)

Capacity - 2 cigars

Available in Light Grey or Dark Grey 
Please note: Due to the nature of the product, shades of colour may differ.

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