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Colts Snus

Colts Snus

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  • Choose From: Original, Full, Traditional
  • Available Individually or as a Roll of 5
  • Tobacco Snus
  • Colts Original: 24 Portions per Can
                             25.4mg Nicotine per Gram
                             18mg Nicotine per Portion
                             Regular Size Portion, White Dry

  • Colts Full: 24 Portions per Can
                      26.4mg Nicotine per Gram
                      19.8mg Nicotine per Portion
                      Regular Size Portion, Brown, Wet

  • Colts Traditional: 20 Portions per Can
                                  31mg Nicotine per Gram
                                  27.9mg Nicotine per Portion
                                  Regular Size Portion, Brown, WeT 

Colts snus is manufactured in Sweden for Scandinavian Tobacco Group. The Original and Traditional blends have a similar flavour of tobacco notes and bergamot.  The Full builds on that base, with the addition of a slight citrus accent.   All varieties, except Original,come in a wet format with a brown pouch.  A wet, brown pouch offers a faster release.  The Original blend comes in a dry white portion, which equals a slower release.

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