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C4U • Pipe Tobacco

C4U • Pipe Tobacco

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Price is for 50grams 


V-Bean • Mellow Black Cavendish tobacco with a warm, silky vanilla top note. got a sweet pipe experience 

North Pole • beautiful bright Virginia grades are blended with our natural Cavendish and dark sun cured tobaccoes from Brazil. With a mild and Sweet Maple, vanilla aroma.

Danish Cherry • Danish Cherry Flavoured Pipe Tobacco, Medium Bodied 

English Mixture • traditional, medium strength, English blend of Red Virginia,Turkish,Burley,Latakia and Perique Tobaccos 

Peaches & Cream • Golden Cavendish is the base for this blend.Double blended with flacoured fire cured for a pleasant taste and aroma 

Baker Blend 221 Baker St. • Similar to Captain Black  original but with a cleaner taste medium bodied 

Brûlée • Deep brown coarse cut Cavendish with some black Cavendish prominent creamy butter to vanilla aroma, and caramel like taste

Danish Delight • A classic Danish Cavendish made from the finest Virginia and mild Burley tobaccoes from Africa, the Far East and US region. The smooth aroma from scotch -whiskey brings you at almost unforgettable, pleasurable smoke .




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