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Bones Coffee Company • Costa Rica Single-Origin Coffee • 12oz

Bones Coffee Company • Costa Rica Single-Origin Coffee • 12oz

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Discover the genuine flavors of Bones Coffee Company’s single-origin Coffee from Costa Rica. Made from top-quality coffee beans from the Coto Brus region, this medium roast offers a straightforward yet rich coffee experience.

Caturra and Cataui Varieties

This medium roast coffee features beans from the well-known growing regions of Coto Brus in Costa Rica. The region’s high altitudes, ranging from 3,800 to 5,000 feet, provide ideal conditions for growing Caturra and Cataui varieties. These Costa Rican coffee beans go through a washed process, bringing out natural flavors like cocoa and nutty undertones with a milk chocolate finish. It’s some of the best Costa Rican coffee you can find.

Rainforest Alliance™ Certified

This coffee is Rainforest Alliance™ Certified, and that means really awesome things for you, your morning cup, the world’s farmers, and rainforests! The Rainforest Alliance™ is an international non-profit organization that makes major impacts around the world in the preservation of rainforests, supporting sustainable farming and business practices, human rights, and meeting the challenges of a changing climate.

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